Wreath Making

I’m the type of person that gets envious of other people’s ability to craft, and craft good! I often find things on Pinterest and try to recreate them - and mine never look the same as the picture! So when a friend asked me if I wanted to join her on a wreath making evening I knew I had to give it ago.

When we arrived to the class the first thing that hits you is the smell of all the different plants and foliage that had been collected. That’s not all that smelt good but also The White Company winter candle burning on the side and fresh snowman cookies! 

So after I'd gone round the room and gone 'ohhh' and ahhh' at every piece of different foliage on offer it was time for business. We were all given a wreath sponge - not it's official term I'm sure - which had been soaked. Starting with your preferred piece you start inserting your foliage in the either clockwise or anti clockwise but you need to stick to this direction once decided. Then you continue to go around the sponge both, inside and out with all the different foliage you require.

As you can see from the pictures below - I added almost every piece of green on offer. This part was the most therapeutic and an hour passed in what felt like 10 minutes!

And here is the finished product hanging firmly on my front door. As my front door is glass I'm not going to lie the back of it has scared the hell outta me many a morning as it looks like someones staring in haha! Our post lady and neighbours have all commented on it making me feel as proud as punch and defiantly something i'll look to doing again next year.