Winchester Christmas Market

Winchester Christmas Market

Is there anything more festive than a Christmas Market? If you've been here for a while you'll know that last year I visited the city of Bath for the second time with my friend Sophie ~ you can read about it >> here << ~ and this year we decided to mix it up and try somewhere different, Winchester! 

If you want somewhere that has an historic feel throughout the town and market and is decorated from top to bottom then Winchester is your jam! From hairdressers to independent cafes everyone had put in the effort to decorate their space and it makes every photo Instagram worthy. 

Talking of independent cafes, Winchester is full of independent shops each with their own charm and goodies to wonder through. They up the notch with Christmas decorations as many of them stock uniquely crafted gifts, which are one of a kind. I didn’t leave an independent shop empty handed and never saw the same thing twice and I feel that says a lot!


Moving on to the Christmas market itself that it set around the stunning Winchester Cathedral and as the sun started to set the fairy lights around it made it look even more magical. The market was full of handmade items for all ages, so whether you buying for a young one or a grandparent there truly is something for everyone! The different between Bath and Winchester is that Winchester has a considerable smaller array of stalls. In Bath you don’t know where to start where as Winchester is much more structured - that’s not to say it’s any less busy! The market was heaving which fills the atmosphere with Christmas cheer, and hey you may have to wait a little minute to get to the front of a stall but if you’ve got a drink in your hand (preferably from that tester stall 2 stops back) then your happy to do so. Winchester also has its own food hall area; I don’t know how best to describe it other than a specific area where all the food was at, JOYYYYY! After a German hotdog, toasted marshmallows or just a sweet treat this is the area for you! This is something Bath hasn’t had in the past and for us it just made it so much easier to find food. I opted for a Nutella and banana crepe, yanoooo balancing the good with the naughty! 

Sophie and I are already planning our next trip to Winchester in the New Year so we can really discover more of those independent shops without the hustle and bustle of the market, and pssstttt secret tip for you, we found a multi-storey car park which didn’t charge on a Sunday ;) ~ your welcome!  

Need more? I also vlogged the weekend and you can go watch it over on my YouTube channel >> here <<  

Where’s your favourite Christmas market? Is it in the UK or abroad?