Welcome To The Collection

Welcome To The Collection

Now, my jewellery collection is pretty sparse. A couple of years ago I decluttered and got rid of ALLL my 'costume' jewellery, you know ~ the earrings that made your ears go green and the necklaces that were on the higher end of the tacky spectrum. Now all I have are select few necklaces and rings that are all loved and... all silver. 

So I welcome to the collection my first piece of gold jewellery - and I say gold veryyyy loosely, but gold finished just doesn't have the same kind of ring to it, does it? Welcome, a New Look lovely - this gold (finished) layered necklace. 

Now what I love about this is it has everything I love, a star, a moon and one that looks like a crushed penny ~ allllll the feels! Secondary it's not a layered necklace that's all on one chain - as much as I love those but they can be a BIIGGGGG bugger when they get tangled up. So I feel like i've got 4 necklaces for the price of one, I can wear them together, apart or with others - the layering is endless! 


With all this new gold'ness now in my life, I needed something new and shiny to put it on... introducing the new Zoella Looking Sharp Ring Holder! Again the colours on this just draw me towards it, and when the necklace is delicately placed on top of its cats arms I love it even more. So hey, this maybe just a summer piece, I'm sure its going to go green soon (not too soon please!) but I'm glad I tested those gold waters and experimented with jewellery which I didn't think I'd suit. So hopefully, this time next year my jewellery collection will be a little bit more colourful! 

Let me know where you buy your gold jewellery, I want to find my new go-to place for gold, gold, gold!