Welcome Back! New Year, No Resolutions

Welcome Back! New Year, No Resolutions

Hello and happy New Year! How many of us are still eating leftovers and constantly feel full? That’s me in a nutshell right now, rolling into work only to see even more post xmas treat still sitting wrapped up in the communal areas trying to lure me in and honestly my will power right now is next to none, so I seem to lob a chocolate in my mouth every time I go to make a cuppa.


I thought I’d do a personal post back to welcome in the New Year, share where my heads at where I intend on it going in 2019. Blog posts at the moment are few and far between and as much as I’d love to kick start with the interior homely post, I didn’t quite appreciate how long it would take to get settled in. There is constantly always something that needs doing, flat pack furniture that needs building or a road trip to B&Q that's happening.


It dawned on me as I left the confinement of my flat and back into the world of work that the top 3 questions asked are “how was your Christmas?”, “what did you get up to for New Year?” and finally “got any New Year's resolutions?” and my response generally was “great, nothing, and none!” and I’m loving it.


I feel like every year I set myself goals to either lose a certain amount of weight or travel more when really every year I’m healthy and I travel far and often enough to suit my wants. This year there are no resolutions and I think that in itself is the best goal I’ve ever set myself. With the hectic’ness that was 2018 this year I’m going to roll the dice and see where it takes me.

So, thanks for sticking by and hello if you’re new. 2019, let’s do this.