Valentines Cupcakes

Now me and Ryan have been together for five years and I don't think we've ever officially spent valentines day/night out. I always feel if we going to go to a restaurant it'll be overpriced and I'm also the sort of person that's gets cringed out at public signs of affection - people holding hands I can deal with but watching other people kiss is TMI. Most years we compulsory get each other a card and Ryan normally get me some roses, which are one of my favourite flowers. This year I've decided to mix things up. As me and a friend where leisurely walking through Bournemouth we spotted this cupcake shop which had a big Valentine's Day window but, we both ignored that completely and went straight in for the cupcakes which looked A-MAZZZE-ING! I wish I'd taken a picture of the shop window because honestly they had everything from doughnuts to coconut sprinkles to strawberry brownies. Now I could've been super romantic and made a Victoria sponge myself which is Ryan and I's favourite cake but, who wants the hassle of the baking and the mess! I mean I love baking but sometimes on a Sunday it's the last thing I want to do - I just wanna put my feet up put a film on and eat somebody else's cakes!

Now, I hope you all had a good Valentine's Day weather you're single or in a relationship. As I was talking to my friend today she said what she was going to do is, buy herself some flowers, put on Bridget Jones and have a takeaway - now if that doesn't seem like a flipping ideal night in I don't know what does! I'll be in the cupcake food coma regretting my decision and saying that I'm back on diet come Tuesday, we all know it's a vicious cycle but when the cupcakes look this good I'm willing to do that extra day at the gym!