Top Places To Explore In Cornwall

Cornwall is my favourite place to visit in the UK. It’s filled with beautiful beaches, history and endless walks weather you have a four-legged friend in tow or not. Luckily Ryan and I managed to get the same week off work, I booked us into a lodge just outside the town of Liskeard and on Monday we hopped into the car and started the 3-hour descent to Cornwall. When we were about an hour away the stunning views started to appear and all of a sudden sitting in traffic didn’t see so bad.

Carnglaze Caverns

Carnglaze Cavern was one the first thing we did, post food shopping and settling in. It was only 5 minutes away from where we were staying so it really was a no brainer. When we arrived, we were handed a map and a torch and pointed in the direction to start our self-guided tour. To give you a bit of history these Caverns are Cornwall’s only slate mine but as you walk around there are so many boards and displays with information in that you really have to go to take it all in. I was stunned by the underground lakes! The water looked clear and I was rather tempted to dip a toe in. Luckily, they’re roped off and when reading the information boards I discovered one of them was 9 metres deep!!


Local Towns & Villages

Cornwall is flooded with unique towns and fishing villages to explore so I could go on! It’s really best to see what’s local to your area, the furthest we ever drove was 45 minutes and after the 3-hour car journey to get here that felt far enough. We stopped of at places like Looe, Fowey, St Austell and Charlestown which are all SO SO beautiful and unique in their own way and also the best place to stop for some really freshly sourced pasties which I did eat...a lot!  


Polperro has got to be my number 1 destination to visit. It might be because I visited 4 years ago with Ryan’s family and it holds some really lovely memories but also, it’s a STUN-NING fishing harbour. The walk into and around the village is really quaint and then you turn a corner and bam, you’re hit with the harbour itself. As we’d been there before we knew exactly where the walk was but it’s not obviously highlighted and at times you feel like you’re walking up to someone’s front door! Once at the top we headed across the rocks, I had plenty of guidance from Ryan as climbing even the easiest of rocks isn’t my forte but the view of the harbour was just worth it! You can then carry on up the hill and enjoy a walk which we had done previously but remember to take your camera (and a spare battery as I learned the hard way) as the views get even more spectacular. I just love it there, can’t you tell!

Gloitha Falls

Gloitha Falls was another destination which was surprising close to where we were staying. We had popped into town earlier on the day we visited and mentioned it to someone in a shop and they advised that we wore wellies and I’m so glad they had said that. Luckily they were in the car but I had not intention of changing my shoes beforehand. The path along the falls was really nice but I was expecting something a bit more dramatic, well… careful what you wish for. We went back on ourselves and took another path, then another one, and then another one. 20 minutes later we were right at the top of the hill and after wading through soft mud and climbing in and out of fields we could hear the water again, but this time a much stronger presence. We started the descent back down, again carefully with Ryan’s guidance for me as we didn’t choose the easiest part to go down in wellie boots. When we reached the bottom, the Falls were in full operation. There where areas you could stand just about but you had to be cautious, there was ropes handing from trees which we assumed professional photographers used to get the perfect shot and not be swept away.

The Lost Gardens Of Heligan

If you’re near St. Austell, then The Lost Gardens Of Heligan has to be on your to-do list. Much like my previous Compton Arce post the gardens are so big and I took enough photos to practically fill 2 blog posts so that’s what I’m going to do. Keep your eyes peeled over the next week for that to go live but if you’re there now and can’t wait then I urge you to go!


Now I’m home all I want to do is go back. Next, I want to go further in and explore more areas, more beaches, more towns! I just can’t get enough of Cornwall so if you have any recommendations of places to stay, places to visit and where to eat then please let me know below because I’m sure it won’t be too long before I’m on Cornish soil again.