Time For Something New

Time For Something New

Hey, hi, hello. Welcome back! 

This is my first personal blog post since I've rejoined the blogging world, and although i've already been publishing content I wanted a chat. Sooooo, I've had a couple of months of and I've done stuff, read a lot and thought a lot about what I want to do. I always kept the website 'live' as I knew i didn't want to give it up truly, but at that time I felt like I'd written all the words I had in me. 

But that's not all that's new, something very exciting is happening... I'm starting a YouTube channel! This is something if you ask Ryan, my friends or even my beautician that I've mentioned and thought about for a long long time. I never have due to self doubt and the niggling thoughts - 'what would people say' or 'would people even care' and I thought NO. F*** you thoughts, I'm doing it! 

I have some very exciting life changes coming up and they're moments I want to capture and have memories of forever. Thanks to Alfie Deyes as it was one of his recent vlogs which really made me finally put the hammer on the nail (I'm sure that's a saying?!?). Alfie was talking about how he's smashed a goal he never thought he would when he started, and how he believed in himself and encouraged us - his viewers - to do the same, and it was at that very moment I went on Amazon, bought a tripod for my camera and text Ryan to say it was final, Lucy Mabel was to start vlogging!  

So come along with me and watch me make mistakes, have a laugh and generally the highs and lows of life  - it's going to be fun! (I hope! ahhhhhh) 

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