The ultimate chocolate brownies

If I’d have posted this last weekend I’m sure you would have thought I was nuts a) to be baking in the mist of our summer heatwave and b) to be making brownies instead of a light summer alternative.


Instead I’ve been inspired by the recent rain we’ve been having and getting cosy and also caved into my cravings of chocolate brownies which have been in my mind for a good couple of days now.

I found it so so hard to pick a brownie recipe as there are so many out there, some with white chocolate, some with walnuts whatever your preference someone’s already done it but the person I always go back to, and trust is Mary Berry. I have the majority of her baking books but all of them different and the one I found this recipe in was called Mary Berry's Baking Bible.

So, enjoy the snaps, try not to drool and if you have a sudden craving for brownies and baking then I’ll leave the recipe below for you. I’m going to enjoy mine warm with a scoop of ice-cream to keep me weather balanced – how would you eat yours?

How to create

Not quite Mary’s words here but this is the easy bit. Pre-heat your over to 180'c and grease and line a baking tin. Mix all the ingredients together, pour into your tin and bake for 40-45 minutes. 10 minutes before the alarm is due check them! If your knife comes out clean cover the top with tin foil for the final 10 minutes. If they’re already crispy and brown, then pull it out and leave to cool. Final and best step, once cool, eat and enjoy!

What you’ll need

275g Butter
4 eggs
100g Self-raising flower
375g Caster sugar
75g Cocoa powder
100 Chocolate chips