The Self Help Book

I've never been one for self help books or fast weight loss guide's and all that jazz! By the picture you might already recognise the book or the other one (The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k) that I've seen flooded all over Instagram, Twitter, YouTube... you name it's been there. Reluctantly, because I saw it everywhere I didn't want to buy it... you would've thought in your own mind if you saw so everybody raving about a certain product or book you think 'yeah I should get that' but no, I see everyone talking about it and I don't want to touch it (This also happens with TV shows...can you believe I've only just finished watching Stranger Things!) So, the other week when Brogan Tate X0 and Grace F Victory did a video on self help books I didn't realise that after watching it the next day I'D BE BLOODY BUYING IT!!!

I had been reading Get Your Sh*t Together every night before bed, and now I couldn't recommend it enough!! If you're saving for something or wanting to change a certain aspect in your life or anythinggggg this book is the ONE! When you think about it's £12.99 for a book which can potentially help you save thousands of pounds for your future house or lose weight or get that dream job or get a promotion then it's worth it right!?!! Well I'd say so, definitely go pick it up or download it what evaaaaa you do - I now really want to read The Life Changing Magic of not giving a fuck, I'm motivated and ready (strong arm emoji!).