The Perfect Valentines Red

I feel like red lips make such a statement but it’s also quite personal as everyone has their different favourites, tones and finishes. For me when I’m not wearing a nude lip, I’m all into hitting up the colours but reds have come and gone in my little makeup collection whilst I’ve been trying to find the right ones and now, I feel like I’ve nailed it and got my festive through to my valentine’s day red.


Lancôme L’absolu Rouge Matte - 184 Magique

This is my favourite red in my collection and I do feel like it needs to come out more but it’s my ‘must save for a special occasion red’ for me I quickly discovered orange undertone reds where my favourite and this one ticks allll the boxes of longevity and stay power - it was still on my lips after I’d demolished a mac ‘n’ cheese in December soo I’ll leave you with the food for thought (like what I did there!)

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick - Legendary Queen


It wouldn’t be a Lucy Mabel makeup post without an appearance of Charlotte Tilbury now would it? I feel as though Legendary Queen just about manages to scrape it through the red side of the collection as it’s more wine coloured than berry but either way you look it at it is the perfect everyday winter lip. I can’t deny when I got it in the summer, I wasn’t reaching for it, but the wardrobe is in its dark colours element this lipstick is thriving.

L’Oréal Color Riche Shine - 350 Insanesation

Finally, a drug store favvv and this one has provided me with allll the ‘I love your lipstick’ compliments. As it’s a shine depending on how you apply it you can keep it quite neutral and tint like with a brush or embrace the bold with the stick. For nights out I’ve even popped a loose translucent powder over this one to matt it down it’s not disappointed.

So, there you have it, whether you’re into reds this February just because you’re feeling the love or you’re after your next favourite shade then I hope this has helped you narrow down your search!

What’s your go to red?