The Perfect Getaways

I feel like I've not done this in ages, it's only been a weekend! I went slightly MIA last week, with courseworks deadlines looming I found my self typing every evening and for once I didn't feel inspired to write a blog post, but I took time to naturally let blogging find its way back in, and here I am! Now with all my work submitted I've found my self holiday searching - slippery slop, I know. What I've been searching though isn't an all inclusive beach holiday, no sir. My searches have been a little closer to home, Cornwall and Devon, which are around 3 hours away from my front door yet... I never seem to consider them. I found a love for Airbnb which I wish I had used sooner (a lot lot sooner). I love both country cosy cottages and modern quirky appartments and some people have combined the two and rented them out to complete strangers! WINNNNEERRRRR! 

Now, I had 100's of houses saved as potential get-aways so eventually I got that list down to 3, one in Devon, Cornwall and the other in the Lyme Regis  and I thought I'd share them with you...

Little Spinney
This one is the closest to home in Lyme Regis, and looks perfect with views of fields and your own little decking area to admire it all. I liked this one due to its location and slightly more isolation so you can stay in and cosy up in front of the log fire. 

The Salty
Now this one is the furthest down at the bottom of Cornwall in the Penzance but just go scroll through the pictures... how could you not what to visit here? Again another one with stunning views and reading the their description there's a path that leads you straight to the beach...peerrffeecct.

The Apple Studio
Ahh now...this place just looks so cosy and quaint it has to be the one for a perfect private weekend away. Situated in the Dartmoor National park it looks THEEEEEEE most ideal of a private, back to nature kinda, turn the phones off kinda get away. 

I LOOVEEEE all of these and they all have a pretty similar price range now all I need to do is pick one.. ahhhh! Let me know which one you love the look of and I hope this helps you if you too are looking for a weekend getaway.