The Metropolitan Boutique Hotel, Krakow | Review

When looking for a place to stay whether it be abroad or UK based the accommodation has to hit certain criteria to make it on the ‘to consider list’ which normally comprises of 3 hotels which I love the look of. Firstly they have to have…

a. Good traveler ratings and reviews on TripAdvisor
b. The traveler photos compared to the professional photos must look vaguely similar
c. In a good location to do ALLLLL the exploring

The Metropolitan Boutique Hotel ticked all of this critia plus more, the photos of the rooms from previous guests looked fab, there was an abundance of positive reviews and the positioning meant that we were 15 minutes walk away from all the main attractions, far enough for the nights not to be loud but close enough that we didn’t feel like we were missing out.


When we had landed in Krakow we had a arranged with the hotel to be collected from the airport. The taxi journey took us 30 minutes of which the entire time was spent staring out the window. From the get go you see stunning houses and buildings which set your expectation for the city.

When we pulled up we eagerly got out the taxi and spotted across the road was a supermarket, a bonus point for us and we ventured in their ALOT for all the snacks.

When we had arrived the sun had already started setting, we checked into our room which was on floor 2, buzzed our door open and I was honestly smiling from ear to ear.

The rooms were big compared to any city break i’ve ever done before. We had only booked their ‘standard room’ but standard it was not. The room came fully equipped with a TV, kettle for hot drinks and a stocked mini bar. A wardrobe with enough hangers as well as shelf space to store our luggage bags as well as clothes plus a safe should you need it.

The bathroom was the pisatareistance! The marble effect floor and ceiling made my inner blogger squeal. I had enough space around the sink to set up all my makeup and brushes whilst leaving the whole left hand side to Ryan which isn’t normally the case.

Out of the room we spent a fair amount of time in the outside patio area enjoying drinks as well as in their restaurant, Fab Fusion, which we visited every morning for breakfast which was included in our booking. The breakfast again was another high point, they had catered for everyone. Whether you wanted hot or cold food there was morning fuel for everyone.

In the evening the restaurant had a piano player which we enjoyed for 1 evening for dinner. This I have 0 photos of which sometimes proves that it was good as I devoured it before thinking of my camera. Ryan and I shared Polish dumplings (totally recommend these!) followed by pasta for me and a steak for Ryan.

So all in all, if you’re heading to Krakow (and I totally recommend that you should) then this hotel was a dream stay and we couldn’t fault it.