The Magazine Every Blogger Needs

The Magazine Every Blogger Needs

I'm throwing it back to December 2016 where I walked into the WHSmith in Bournemouth, scanned the shelves for a good 5minutes to find the familiar face of Zoella. I was buying my first Blogosphere magazine. I'd been blogging for a good few months by this point and I don't know how I’d escaped knowing about it but I’m normally late to the party but I’m glad I’ve caught up now! 

Blogosphere magazine is something that every blogger needs to know about. Whether like me you sporadically buy them - only because I can't get them in my local shop and if I’m in town I only remember when I’m 10 minutes away from home - or you have every edition on your coffee table here are my top 5 reasons I la la lave the mag. 

1. Small bloggers, big bloggers ALL the bloggers

Name in the heading for this on. The magazine has such a vast and diverse amount of bloggers and collaborators. Each category has an editor for the month where they pick 5 of their favourite bloggers. It gives special mentions to smaller bloggers and one's you may have already heard of, there is no level of WHAT THE WORD

2. Photo appreciation

The #blogospheremazazine on Instagram tag is just the best. Simple really to be involved, buy a copy of blogosphere and snap a shot of it. You can snap a picture of it on your bed, in a coffee shop of heck with you next to it, pop it onto your gram and use the hashtag! I was super super stoked to see my image of the Zoella mag in issue 12, never did I think I’d be featured but that’s the beauty of blogosphere. 


3. More than just one category

Unlike normal magazines where you have to buy multiple brands to get your fix of fitness and fashion, oh lets not forget about food, blogosphere has it all under one roof. Not only do they include those categories but also lifestyle, photography, beauty and parenting. It truly is one size fits all, equally. 

4. Relevant content

Carrying on from the above really for relevant content. As I said there’s categories for all but that doesn't fill the magazine, ooooo no. They include interviews with influencing people talking about money, confidence, and advice and also sharing expertise they've gained. Sharing is caring and there’s plenty of it!  


5. Being constantly inspired

Being a 'lifestyle' blogger you'd think I’d only read that category but I find the majority of my inspiration reading the cover interviews and blog posts that are included from the different sections within the mag, it's amazing how reading something from fitness can spark a idea for a blog post that's completely different. I also take this moment not only to be inspired by the blog posts but their Instagram too, thanks to blogosphere I've discovered new people online and will continue to do so! 

So thanks blogosphere, you're great x