The lounge renovation and our future plans

The lounge renovation and our future plans

Here we are, finally 4 months later sharing the first reno update (unless you count the garden). I’ve got to admit I was a bit naive before and honestly thought these kinda posts would be live a lot sooner but damn making a place your own is expensive and time-consuming. This week we had a rug delivered which had been sitting in my basket for months. When it arrived and we rolled it out I knew then that it was time for this post although there’s still a lot to do on the other side but we’ve got plans for that which I’ll also share.


As you can see we were left a pretty nice blank canvas and our first step was to paint those walls. After 20 swatches we went for Sunday School by Crown which I would call a Greige (grey and beige) it’s quite neutral but I wasn’t feeling confident enough to slap on a bold colour onto a wall. We also laid the flooring ourselves to save on cost but boy that was a task, luckily we had help from parents too to learn how to carry it on past the door frames, it’s rewarding showing it off to guests but I also don’t want to do it again anytime soon.


I’ve loved picking out furniture for this room and finding different pieces that work and help bring it all together. Now I’m on a mission to put something on those walls. I have my eye on a distressed mirror which costs an arm and a leg for quite a while but for now I think we’ll be keeping it as cost effective as possible and finding prints instead but I’m find that bit sooooo so hard!


Now the other side of the room is going to get all the love and focus. The bar cart needs a little stocking up, but I’m sure as we’re coming into warmer weather it’s not going to take long and there's all the little bigs like lamps and decor pieces that I’ve had sitting in various baskets since day dot but I can’t wait to see how it develops.