The Lion King | London Lyceum Theatre

The Lion King | London Lyceum Theatre

The Lion King is a film I think EVERYBODY has seen and if your shaking your head at this comment please stop reading and go watch it…then come back. 


I don’t think I’ve seen the film itself for years, but I can still picture every scene and I know what happens where and when so when my sweet nan mentioned a theatre trip to see the show how I couldn’t say no?! 


In the theatre we sat in the upper circle, but I don’t think it mattered if you were seated close to the stage, in the wings or right at the top as actors and performers where everywhere, literally! They went up and down stairs and even hung out of the booths of people sitting in the wings flying birds on a massive pole which created a cool shadow on the people below and a good effect for people like me, sitting up high, they’d thought of everything. 


By the first scene I was welling up, the thought that had gone into the whole production was flawless. Giraffes, elephants, zebras all came on stage effortlessly and the roar from the crowd after the lights dimmed signally the end of the first scene was enough to fill the O2. 

I don’t want to say too much and ruin the show for you if you’re planning on going but I can’t fault a single scene, I really didn’t want the interval to happen and cheered loudly as the curtains lifted to start part 2. 


So today, the day after the show I drove to work singing Hakuna Matata and left singing Born To Be King now picturing the production over the film. Now I’m looking at theatre productions to go to later in the year, it really has opened my eyes to something that I don’t think I would have considered if it wasn’t for my nan. 

Have you seen the Lion King and what would you recommend I go see next?