The Garden Plan

Happy Sunday and finally one with actual sun! I’m writing this one in the place I’m going to update you about and that is our little garden patio!

Last weekend when we were all tricked into believing spring had begun I was one of those people trotting down to Argos to pick up some garden furniture at 3 pm only to get a couple of hours to use out of it and since then we’ve just had rain, rain and ooo even more rain until now!

The sunny weather has definitely inspired us to do something with our little patio so we can make the most of it when summer does actually arrive. Our little table for 2 was from Argos and I’ll link it here but I was just obsessed with the colour! The cushions were a bargain from TK Maxx who had every style, colour and pattern in stock it was actually a friend who found this colour buried at the bottom of a pile.

So what’s the plan? With the hot weather we had the other weekend we discovered the flat gets quite warm so having a cosy place to chill outside with a breeze is something we both want. Outdoor fairy lights are obviously a must and ALLL the plants. With our outside area being quite dated but something, we both want to keep means that we can have quite a lot of fun with pots and plants. Ideally, we don’t want to make it look new so I’ve put the message out to family and friends that any outdoor pots they no longer want we’ll take. The vision is a miss match size and colour of dates pots with the odd new ones thrown in for good measure.

Definitely, since owning our own place my green fingers have come out and I’ve even requested a raised flower bed from Ryan to grow some vegetables but that’ll probably come in the latter months once we know how much sun we get and what all the little plant babies will need.

If you have any suggestions of what you’d do or best plants for shade and sun then pleassseeee do let me know! x