The Blog Turns One

The Blog Turns One

Wow, the blog is one. To be specific the blog actually turned one in October last year but everything got slightly on top of me and I forgot to celebrate it yet alone recognise that it’d happened!

Within a year I’ve learnt to stop focussing on stats. From the get-go I wasn’t fazed by it and if I got 1 hit I got ecstatic. Whilst the momentum was going and I was being proactive I saw a big spike in traffic and haven’t seen it since and I always felt I must be doing something wrong, now my stats are gradual and I’m totally ok with that – in fact I’m not even looking.

Writing has always been a passion from an early age. I remember writing little stories on my nans Windows PC and when family members would come and visit, I’d print one of and give it to them to read on the journey home… sounds so cute but it soon stopped after I enter secondary school which makes me so so sad.

Ever since I’ve been into reading, whether that’s other people’s blogs, books or magazines for me there are always one thing or the other nearby for me to get stuck into.

I’d thought about blogging A LOT in 2016, ask Ryan… I had blog on the brain! Once again I’d mentioned it to friends and all of them we’re encouraging but there was niggling part of me that never jumped to it straight away… we’ll call it blogging nerves.  Then one night, with the encouragement of a glass of rosé I remember texting Ryan to say I’d done it, I’d snapped up the URL and got to building my website. At the time I worked and built verrrrrryyyyyy basic websites so this all pretty much happened over night, then we went live.

Now I would never look back, ~ unless its reading old posts ~ I love having this space to outlet my creativeness and still get giddy if someone tells me they’ve read a post, it’s the best!

I’ve started this year so inspired by others and every day so far I’ve written out blog post ideas. I’m so excited to see how different the blog may be this October when it turns 2. Finally thank YOU. Whether this is your 1st post or you’ve been here from the start I truly appreciate you. If you’re thinking of doing something like this or anything else and you have the nerves I encourage you to go for it, you don’t know just where it may take you.