Sunday Strolls - Durdle Door

On my mission to explore more this week and due to huge request… mainly by me to Ryan and also from my co-workers who were shocked that I’d never been there before, this week we visited, Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door.


With the stunning weather we’ve been having meant that the trip could be spontaneous, so we got up earlier than we normally like to and made our journey across Dorset and with the sun shining and blue sky’s ahead, we knew we had made the right decision.


Once we arrive in the picturesque village of West Lulworth surrounded by quant cottages and holiday homes that made me ooo and ahhh the walk to Durdle Door dawned on me. We had arrived at noon which meant the suns heat was strong and the walk to our destination didn’t look as appealing, but with plenty of “wait, I need to catch my breath” breaks and a couple of “I can’t go on” over exaggeration moans thrown in for good measure we made it and O.M.G isn’t that view just worth it!

Compared to the initial hike the rest of the walk to Durdle Door seemed a breeze stopping to take in the stunning views and say hello to a herd of cows who I am assuming where there for the views too, I mean come on who wouldn’t be.

With the waters so clear and the sea so still Ryan and I kept comparing it to our last holiday to Spain, we felt so transported, but we were only an hour down the road it was surreal.


Once we’d reached the pinnacle point of our trip we stopped and sat on the beach taking it all in among sunbathers and other visitors… it was bliss. I have made plenty of hints to revisit already but this time I want to be accompanied by my swimming cosy and some snorkels.


Before heading back to the car an ice cream was in order and a more casual stroll to Lulworth Cove which was equally as stunning with boats docked and swimmers enjoying the coolness of the sea on such a hot British summers day.