Sunday Strolls - Bucklers Hard

Weekends in general are my favourite days because no alarms need to be set, lunch time can be at 11 and you don’t have to wait till 5 to get out and enjoy the last of the sun. Last weekend was a bank holiday so BONUS extra weekend day - apologies if you work in retail, I’ve been there!

So last weekend whilst basking in the sun and enjoying the beach Ryan and I felt the urge for a Sunday adventure so in the car we got and headed in the opposite direction of the beach aka the busiest place!


Beaulieu is one of the most picturesque places, with New Forest ponies roaming free and the Beaulieu River to sit by whilst enjoying a picnic you’ll soon see why it’s a popular place. Beaulieu is also an ideal spot to stop for a walk weather you want to delve into the forest or like us walk to Bucklers Hard.

The walk should take around and hour there and an hour back, but it was a slow walk back as I discovered that flip flops where 100% the wrong choice of footwear for the walk and I’m still nursing the blisters.

We discovered that Bucklers Hard is an old shipbuilding village and is in unspoilt with the houses now lived in and a pub which has kept the original interior being the only new thing but it doesn’t stick out, it was also an ideal base to rest my feet enjoy a drink and watch the boats go by which there were lots but none stopped for my thumbs up for a lift.

After exploring so much in our Cornwall getaway it almost felt like we were back but instead only a half hour drive away and I loved it. We’ve definitely got the walking/exploring bug so Sunday Strolls may have to become a regular feature!