Study Stationery Essentials

If you know me you'll know I have a slight obsession over stationary, you just can't have enough in my eyes. Although since my first ever blog post about my love for stationery back in 2016 the obsession has calmed down... slightly! Last year I discovered Bullet Journaling and that has made me save a few pennies and also not have a pile of unused notebooks.

For me January marked the start of my new online course in Digital Marketing and obviously my first thought was, ~ can you guess? ~ Stationery! I love my bullet journal but I don't want my scrawled notes and memos on every other page. So I did what anyone else would have done in my position and went out to buy new stationery and don't tell me you wouldn't of done exactly the same thing! 


Now I have these notebook and pens purely for studying, no mater whether I want to study at home in my room, lounge or kitchen or even take my self to a café this little collection of goodies is coming with me. I feel its practically compulsive to have fresh new things when you start a course, just like how I used to get excited when I went into Staples before a new term at school for a new pencil case and pens, ahhh Staples. 

For me my study stationary essentials have to been a notebook, and one you enjoy staring at. Imagine having one with 250 pages and you find it boring to look at? I feel I find all the best and unique designs in my local TK Maxx, which is conveniently a short drive away from me and I have somehow become a regular customer. Paperchase is a lot of people’s favourite but unfortunately (but fortunately for my purse) there isn't one nearby or I’m sure my pen and pencil collection would be oooonnnn fleeeekk! 

Where do you get your stationery fix?