Stationery Essentials

I can never leave the stationery aisle alone no matter if I'm in Sainsburys or Paper Chase I feel like I'm naturally drawn to it. I buy things with the thought of using them to make me more organised, but no they just sit on my shelf and look pretty! 
Here are a couple of bits I've picked up recently that will be used, promise!! 


I love the pencils that I picked up from Tiger - I've noticed that pencils with words on the spines have become very popular during the back to school season so when I saw these I couldn't resist! 

On to notebooks... have you spotted there are 4 in the photo!!! These are my biggest hoarding problem but I couldn't leave any of them behind, specially not the new Zoella Journal! I love the inspirational quote detailing she's included, this one I'm already using. 

What's your favourite stationary piece?