Spring Has Arrived By The Seaside

It feels like we’ve been rather teased by spring a couple of times since the Easter holidays. We’ve seemed to of had 1 day of sunshine followed by a week of rain but it’s safe to say that from this weekend the sun has got its hat on and is here to stay, YIPPEEEE!


This weekend Ryan and I took the opportunity to visit an area which I love near to us called Hengistbury Head. It’s quite the popular place to visit once the Summer is in full swing and it becomes an area I avoid so I definitely need to get my fix of it in over the next couple of months whilst I can. 


This week has been quite the busy one for me hence the disappearance of a Wednesday post but I find being by the sea the cobwebs have been blown from my brain and a new kind of inspiration is restored back into my body. I love the sea, and always think it’s something to do with my star sign Cancerian but I just feel so calm by it even if the waves are still or crashing into the shore. The sea is my happy place. Any day, rain or shine and I’m stuck for something to do a beach walk is 99% of the time the first thing I’ll suggest. I love it when it's calm, the sun is shining, and the sea looks like it's going for miles and I love it just as much when I'm watching it from the car and the rain is pouring down around me. 


Luck was on our side this weekend and as sea was calm, the sun glistened of it as if we were abroad and it almost looked tempting to dip a toe in. Being able to leave the house with a jacket on and sunglasses was impossible last weekend, it was more like wellies, winter coats and beanies so we even took a moment to sit along the stones and soak in the rays whilst listening to the sea slowly come in. 

So, spring if your listening, I’m ready for ya!