Spring Book haul and saving money buying them

Spring Book haul and saving money buying them

I loveeeee the smell and feel of a new book or magazine for that matter. No creases in the spine, every page flat and pristine, it’s just so dreamy, don’t you agree? But in a bid to save some of my coins for more flat purchases I just could no longer warrant spending the £7 - £10 on a new book.


This year I thought the best way to help me save money whilst still reading the latest books on my GoodReads Wishlist would to starting showing my head again in the local library which I don’t think I’ve done for the last 10 years or more and secondly, utilise those charity shops whose shelves are always full to the brim!


Other than buying The Anna Edit’s book, An Edited Life, I’ve done pretty well from sustaining buying those new release books and instead, typing them in online on the library book search (oooo how technology has changed this process for the better) and seeing if it’s been taking out. Also, whilst in Brighton the other month I spotted a rather large Oxfam packed with books! Luckily I spotted this whilst on the walk back to the car as when I left my bag was full and heavy!


I loved buying books this way as I picked up some by authors I hadn’t read before and even spotted out a couple of my favourites and pointed them out to my friend. Once I had 4 books in my hands and headed to the till and spotted they had a ‘New In’ section in the middle of the store and to put the icing on the cake there was a book that was only my list to read! What a bonus! Some of the books are like new, and the others are well loved but can you believe I got all of those for £11!!! And when I’m finished I’ll happily take them back into my local Oxfam for someone else to discover and purchase new ones for myself which makes me also feel like I’m supporting the charity as well as getting a personal gain out of it.

I’ve started a GoodReads account and you can follow me >>here<< where I’ll rate how good my bargain books were. Let me know what's on your 'to read' list below and I'll keep my eyes peeled when I go on my next book search.