Snippets Of: My Room

Snippets Of: My Room

Welcome to the first ever room tour! Now I better start with a little room design as I feel mine is quite unique! My room is basically a loft conversion, (I say basically because I have no idea what i'm talking about) I have more than 4 walls and they're all covered with slopping ceilings. I could now walk around my room blind folded - I've gotten to know those slops the hard way, *ouch*. 

So with this in mind I don't have a lot of wall space and have to make-do with a lot of draws ~ which aren't the prettiest ~ and make shelf space where I can, which then means I can't move my room around just like that. Instead I've been working on making areas of my room work, aesthetically and practically and I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite aspects! 


First up is that new planter ~ I'm in love! The pot and the plant are both new purchased, (the pot was £8 from Matalan!) and finally fit and suit that area of my room. I have 1 other real plant in the room and I've saved that...twice, so I tend to stick to the fake plants and dust them off every couple of months! But fake plants just don't give off the same feels as the real ones do. I knew I wanted one in this area but because I have a window here it cause be too tall or shade dependant so it's taking a looooong time to find A. a pot I like for that space and B. a plant that's not going to die in the first 2 weeks. Sooo when Matalan brought their Autumn range out at the right time I saw it as a sign and then hopped, skipped and jumped over to a garden centre across the road and bought a plant to go in it, and doesn't it look perrfffff. 

Next is this bottom shelf which used to be my go to place to shove random crap and never discover it again until I had one of my quarterly bedroom clear outs. So I got rid of all the crap, bought the white storage basket and made it look as neat as possible! And I've got to say, I'm pretty proud of my efforts - in reflection now I wish I did a before picture! 


Finally, go up a shelf and you're greeted by a light-box which is telling you what to do, 'Read a book'. This shelf has to be one of my favourite parts of my room purely because I looooveeee reading. For me I can't read books twice - I just end up skipping pages and jumping to the good bits, but when I look at my books I can tell you what happened, the plot characters the works (maybe this skill should be on my CV, ha!). This is why I love this shelf, I do what my light-box says, hop on my bed and read a book! 

What's your favourite part of your room or home?