See Ya 2017 & Hey 2018

See Ya 2017 & Hey 2018

As 2017 ends in just a few days ~ I know shock horror and where has yet another year gone? ~ I thought I’d do a quick reflection post on the year and share with you my goals for 2018.

So 2017 a year of HD brows, discovering blogosphere magazine and for a brief period the blog stopped whilst I rediscovered my rhythm. It has also been the year I travelled to Gloucestershire to watch my cousin get married, Ryan and I visited our first national trust building together and we spent the later part of spring lavishing up some Spanish sun! Even writing this I realise I’ve had a more greater year than I thought. 

In the summer I turned 23, Love Island started, I visited Harry Potter World with one of my besties, spent summer evenings by the sea and tried paddle boarding for the first time.

In autumn I got to explore a new part of Devon with Ryan and his family and now winters hit, Christmas is upon us and walks with big scarves and hats on is my new fav. What a year and I feel totally blessed that I’ve managed to do so much. 

To the goals! I don't think I set any for 2017, normally I don't but this year I feel I should set my self some new achievements.

  • Stop biting your nails and finally kick the habit. 
  • Exercise regularly and consistently.. yannoooo it's good for you. 
  • Make more time for friends, especially those long distant ones. 
  • Be more spontaneous. 
  • Explore more of the area around you. 
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. Remember being envious of what others have won't have a magic effect on your life. Work hard, stay focussed and be you.