Scrap booking is something I've done for over 10 years. I started doing it whilst I was at school in a silver coloured craft books (and it's horrendous), but I'd never have the guts to through it away - how ever much I know it'll be hidden in a bottom draw until eternity! I started a new one shortly after me and Ryan got together and dedicated that one to use (cringe I know) and I have a travel one which I picked up in Barcelona a couple of years back, deadicates to...well travel pictures! 

Now, I've dusted all of these all of because of a small little purchase. Drum roll please.......THE HP SPROCKET! Now this little bad boy has been out of stock pretty much since Zoella said the words sooooo, when I got that joyous email of 'back in stock' I hit buy quicker than lightening and it has brought my love of scrap booking back to life! I have now gone through 3 packets of paper and have another load on order but it truly has inspired me again. 

Aswell as using the scrapbooks to look back at memories of friends and me, I find my self paying more attention to my style. For example for some reason 5 years ago I was cutting the corners of pictures and last year I put stickers absolutely anywhere. Now I'd never do either but clearly at the time that's what I was inspired by... maybe next year I'll hate the pollaroid look I've started for this year - I doubt it but even still, i've got some left over smiley faces I could stick on (NOT!!!). If your like me and love collecting endless photo albums then I think you'll love scrap booking - there is no set theme or page count, you just go with it! The HP Sprocket has been a great aid in helping me stay focussed and creative as it so quick I have more time to hone in on my style! 

Hope you like this little post and thanks for reading!! 

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