Review: Pixi - Double Cleanse

Review: Pixi -  Double Cleanse

Double cleansing is 100% a new concept to me over the past couple of months. Who new people washed there face twice?! Last year ask me how I took off my make up and you might of heard me reply "I wash but normally I used a make-up wipe" and oh how times have changed! A new skin care guru came into my life through the power of Blogosphere magazine and her name is Caroline Hirons! I had since ditched the make up wipes before I read her piece in the mag but it was great to read that I’d done the right thing! 

Whilst skin care is an area in my life, which does need some more thought and testing I feel like finding this double cleanser was a god send! When it arrived via the lovely ASOS delivery driver I used it straight away and even now I’m blown away by the results. It was something I started using every day but then I realised that was sligghhttyyyyy excessive and I’ve managed to whittle it down to a couple of times a week. 


I am quite lucky in the sense I have relativity good skin, other than a couple of spots that one time a month I really don’t have any issues other than dryness, redness and black heads! So I thought my skin was as clean and soft it was going to get when I wash it with my normal cleanser which isn’t that exciting. The Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse leaves my face feeling like a baby’s bum! It leaves me so fricken soft, this it no over exaggeration this stuff cleans and leaves me soft! I also fights spots, I am normal and if I live on a diet of chocolate and sweets all week I’ll get the spots which I rave I never have. But when I see them coming, I wack out the double cleanse and sure enough they’re gone by the morning. 

I can’t find a fault with this, I’ve seen so many glowing reviews on it and it features numerous times in some of my favourite YouTubers ‘Night time routine’. I’m even buying it for a friend for Christmas and I know she’s going to love it as much as I do if not I’ll eat... I mean I’m not really going to need to finish that sentence because she’s going to love it - I read that sentence in my head snapping my neck and clicking my fingers, yano!? 

I'm still discovering new skincare products so if you have any to recommend then leave them below!