Review: Olympus Pen 9 mm Fish Eye Lens

Review: Olympus Pen 9 mm Fish Eye Lens

Welcome to what I think is my first techy review post! I can’t actually believe it’s taken me so long to do a post like this. I’m very into my tech and phones and pretty much whenever something new gets released by a brand I love then I must have it right in that very moment. A good example of this is when Ryan and I went to Cornwall the Fitbit Versa was released, within minutes I had watched the promo video and Googled the nearest Argos. Luckily Ryan has his head screwed on and told me to sleep on it rather than listening to my demands to get there before they shut and here we are almost 6 months later, and I still haven’t got it and I don’t think I’m missing anything from my life.


Onto the lens. I knew I wanted a new camera accessory for quite a white but boy I didn’t realise how expensive they are which meant that this wasn’t going to be a spur of the moment purchase but more something I needed to consider. After many YouTube videos and reading reviews later I was still none the wiser. I took a trip to Jessops in Southampton and explained to the advisor in there what I was trying to achieve with my shots and he completely got it and showed me the 9 mm 1:8.0 Fish Eye Body Cap Lens.

So, I’ve had this for a good couple of months now and choose when to bring it out and when not to. I mainly wanted it for beach shots. Having the extra width just means you can capture its vastness so much more which is what I love.

I’m going to leave some comparison shots for you below which I hope to help you decide if this lens if right for you. First will be the standard 14-42mm lens followed by the fish eye.