Pink Loving

Now I am no fashion guru and never did I see the day I would be writing about an item of clothing, but here we are! I've been after a 'winter coat' for ages, ask Ryan, he'll tell you how many times in one day I say the phrase 'can't, don't have a winter coat'. All the different styles were out in force this season, teddy bear coats, aviators and the long blazer styles, all of which refused to suit me. The other month I wore my thin Superdry jacket and I swore I'd have to find something more substantial and fast, or I’d freeze! (maybe slightly melodramatic but it has gotten pretty cold).  

On a morning dash to the shopping centre the other week, ~ primarily to Christmas shop may I add ~ I was wondering through NEXT and was drawn to this faux fur shearling jacket. I'd seen it previously in black at least a month prior, tried it on and decided it made me look bulky, but I thought all things deserve a second chance and after all it is a different colour. 


For me, wearing a pink jacket means I’m stepping out my comfort zone, it's soft and subtle and SOOOOO SO fricken warm but it's still pink! Can you believe when I tried it on I thought, "Could this coat be too warm for the UK?" I’m glad I ignored those thoughts and put it on the counter to pay because I don't know what I’d do without it! 

This coat allows me to feel, confident, colourful and stylish which looking at previous winter coat purchases I’d sway more to comfort rather than style and with this I feels I have the best of both worlds!

How about you, have you had any unexpected winter buy which your loving right now?