New St.Tropez Bronzing Water Mousse

Can you believe I won this little bottle of bronzing joy through commenting on Twitter! See I knew there was a reason I had it other than a platform for me to have verbal diarrhoea on. So, I thought I’d better review this new tanning formula and see if it’s going to take pride of place in my bathroom cabinet.

Like most tans I applied this after I had exfoliated and moisturised my dry bits, ie my knees, feet and elbows and all other areas in-between! The first thing I noticed was the smell as in it smells LUSH! I was sceptical about how a tan could have a floral scent as the majority smell like biscuit and less so depending on how much coin you want to spend. When you pump it out the liquid within the bottle turns to white foam on the mitt and you apply all over evenly. I did notice how incredibly quickly I dried, unlike others where I’m sat in my bathroom wafting anything in the room around me to help the process on a little. 


I would say I’m a regular tanner but not an experienced one so for me my only downside to this product is the no guide colour like you normally would with an instant tan. It has meant that I’ve had patches of my arm I’ve somehow missed entirely but thankfully with the weather it’s not quite tank top season! 


Onto the colour and again comparing it to other tanners I’ve tried before. The Bronzing Water Mousse doesn’t have a colour range to choose from instead claiming it’ll give anyone a ‘Medium/golden tan’ and I can confirm that it’s true. I’m naturally very pale and sometimes I can go to dark that it no longer looks natural on me but this seems to have given me the kind of golden glow I would have had if I’d just stepped off a plane from the Maldives… not that I know what I’d look like as I’ve never been but a girl can use her imagination!

So if you’re looking for a gradual building tanner with a nice scent to match then I think you’ll be pretty impressed with St.Tropez’s newness but if you’re new to tanning either make sure you don’t miss a spot or maybe get used to one with a colour guide first and they do have loads for you to choose from. 

Now I’m off to apply another layer before another working week starts! Have you go any go to tanning products or have you tried this? Let me know below x