New Home Wish List

New Home Wish List

With the excitement of potentially buying my first house or flat this year with Ryan means that Pinterest is basically my most used app and I’m constantly walking around my local Sainsbury Home section or TK Maxx for house inspo and I have to try and force myself not to purchase these items too quickly because, a) I have literally no where to put them and b) I don't know what space we'll have and c) because I can't make my mind up do I want grey and wood or black and gold! AKA, please send interior designer for help!

With this in mind I thought I’d share my currently wish list and it'll be interesting to see when the new roof over our heads has been purchased whether these are items that I still want.

So here goes...


Can you see the dilemma I’m having, do I want country chic or dark details - who knows! Please please share with me your go to places for interior design inspo or if you've moved recently what should I really be focusing on? All tips and tricks gratefully received!