Netflix Top 4 Must Watch List

I could start this blog post by saying I spend every weekend walking along the beach or being generally more proactive - but that would be a lie! I love a weekend in, comfy's on, and good olll'Netflix on the TV. 

On my Twitter (which you can follow here ;)) and at work I tend to shout out a LOTTTT of Netflix recommendations, because they're killing it with their Netflix Originals and when someone says 'I don't have Netflix' I have to pick up my jaw and ask them 'WHYYY?!?!?'.

So, if you've got Netflix or not (and by the way you so damn should) I'm going to give you my top 4 current must watch list! 

Stranger Things

I can't believe there are people out in the world who haven't watched this! Stranger Things is a Netlix Orginal, Sci-Fi & Fantasy programme about, well for this i really can't tell you without it spoiling it. It's coming back for another series THIS YEAR and i've watched it twice already because i'm too damn excited! 

The OA

This was recommended to me by a friend when I told her that I'd just finished Stranger Things and was super depressed that I had nothing to watch anymore. The OA is a mysteries/dramas programme set in America and is based on a group of people having near death experiences. I feel like I can't explain things without spoiling them but this programme will make you think! Like watching it your thinking 'Ok, I get it' then plot twist and 'Whaaatt, but how...' the dramaaaaa! go watch, like right now. 

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Now, this is the story all about how... c'mon it's a classic, right!? This was on whilst I was growing up so I never really watched this properly. Well not until Netflix uploaded every blooming series! It's an easy watch and I'd never seen the last episode - when you get there get your tissues ready because there will be tears! 


Luther AKA Idris Elba is a police crime series but this has much more plot twists and really life freaky stuff! It's not about the fake blood and endless pondering which can be seen in ALOT of police dramas are. This is a binge watch favourite because you can't just leave one episode - you need to no more!