Nails Nails Nails

Now, to me there is nothing better than a Sunday night pamper session. Pj's, face mask and my favourite nail polishes whilst watching whatever TV series is on a the time. Recently I've been reaching for the same three shades every time so, I thought I'd share them with you because there all completely different. Normally I'm a no colour kinda-girllllll but in the bid to keep my New Years resolution and kick the habit of biting my nails, I find that painting them helps me stick to it. Whats your go to colour? 

Did you notice? They're ALLLLL NailsInc and thats because I'm obsesssssssssed. Now, I know I'm late to the train (is that even the saying!?) but, I only discovered NailsInc just over a year ago in a Glamour magazine and from then I was converted. For me, the formula is just spot on, the colours are true to the bottle and the finish is A. MAZE. ING.

Nails Inc, Kensington Passage, Gel effect (£15:00): This colour I was all over in the summer, and I've been reaching for it a lot recently too. This is just the PERRRRFECT coral colour, it's bright and fun and if your wearing all black (which I often am) it helps add a little pop to your outfit. The gel effects are really just that. I don't understand its magic but it gives a plumped effect. That and shine, what else could you want! 

Nails Inc, Queensbury Way, MultiVitamin (£12.00): This one has to be my most worn colour. For me it is the best nudey pink and just goes with absolute eeeeeeeverything. The MultiVitamin part just helps your nails stay stronger but still leaves that lovely shine. 

Nails Inc, Hyde Park Place, Gel effect (£14:00): I LOVE GREY. Honestly grey is my hands down favourite colour ever ever EVAAAAAA! So, naturally I have to have a grey nail varnish and this one is proper grey. There are no notes of any other colour mixed in allowing it to be a different shade no matter the light. NO. This is pure black and white mixed together to make grey, and what could be better! My fav, and actually the one i've got on my nails right now.