My Spring Skincare Staples

I feel as though my skincare has really shifted this year and I’m fully understanding what works for my skin and leaves it feeling balanced. Since December ended along with my daily intake of opening advent calendars, I stopped buying skincare - honestly, I would have had to have had a bathroom extension if it was going to carry on. There are items in here that I know I’ve raved about before on the blog or over on insta and for a good reason, so guess what, I’m going to mention them again.


Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse
This product I will NEVER fall out of love with. It’s a double cleanser, half oil and half cream, and its steered me away from those dreaded make up wipes (thank you Caroline). Removing my make up at night no longer feels like a chore that I can’t be arsed to do properly. Because I see and feel the results so instantly ~ gawdddd this makes my skin feel so smooth ~ it’s something I look forward to doing time and time again.

Treacle Moon One Ginger Morning
Treacle Moon is a brand I’ve rudely ignored over the past couple of years, but I think it was a month or two into 2017 I smelt one ginger morning and now I’m not letting it outta my sight! Please I urge you just to go smell it. This is more of my morning shower gel opposed to my night one (then I switch to the raspberry kiss, FYI) and it really wakes me up. It’s like a ginger shot but you don’t eat it, you just smell its loveliness. So how does this fit into spring skincare I hear you ask and well it just does. It smells good, it doesn’t flare-up my skin, nor does it make my skin dry, it keeps my whole skin well balanced and did I mention I love the smell?


Alpha h Liquid Gold
This product was brought to my attention on day 12 of the M&S beauty advent this year and I gotta say it’s rather good. I read all the reviews before putting it on my face because, the word glycolic acid did scare me slightly. I took the plunge and I feel like a snake sheading my dead winter skin ready for spring. I loved this product so much I traded with someone at work with another product for her unopened bottle of the liquid gold and it’s been the best trade deal of the year!

Garnier body care
There’s two products for me to mention for Garnier that have been a staple in the lead up to slightly warmer weather (fingers cross), one of which is the intensive 7 days lotion shea butter. This is labelled for ‘very dry skin’ which especially over the winter I had in patches rather than all over. I have layered this on me every time I have gotten out of the shower for that last 3 months and my skin has thanked me for it. Secondly is its cousin, the summer body gradual moisturiser (in light), which has helped lift my skin and give it some life whilst we play hide-and-seek with the sun. I used this years ago and remember the stench of biscuits being a problem, I’m happy to say that Garnier have demolished this problem, or I’ve just become immune to it, but no one has tried to eat my arm off just yet.


Aldi Lacura caviar illumination night cream
Never did I think I’d be buying skin care from Aldi but please keep reading, this one rather good. So, this discovery wasn’t my own but my cousin-in-law’s. When she comes to stay we normally swap all new products we’ve discovered for a couple of nights and try them out for ourselves. She handed me the night cream which isn’t branded up Aldi and I thought nothing of it. The next morning, I was (and still am) super SUPER impressed by this and when she left I went out and bought it straight away. I can only describe the cream as filling. I feel as though it fills my face and smooths it all out, do-yanooo what I mean? I have gone online and done some research and they say it has ‘snow algae, which promotes collagen production in the skin’ which I feel like as I get closer towards yet another birthday I need in my routine and as mentioned in the name it has ‘caviar’ in it but I won’t be trying to eat this. For only £6.99 it knocks so many of my night cream predecessors out the park. So, when you’re next driving by or popping in to get the faux Jo Malone candles, put this in your basket I promise you it’s my best skincare discovery of 2018 so far.

Share with me your current skincare staples! I love discovering new things.