My New Obsessions

A post inspired by my new Mango top, how ironic. I picked up this top whilst on my mini shopping spree in Birmingham. Mango I feel is a brand a lot of fashion bloggers and YouTuber’s mention every now and then and I walked into the shop not expecting much. I loved a lot on the hangers but when I came to sizing’s nothing I found went above a large and for me to feel comfortable I wanted an XL. I spotted this little number on my way out and it has writing on it about ‘My Obsessions’ and I had to have it. It's black and that's a wardrobe staple but with Lexi's (the golden retriever who is going to feature heavily in this post) white hairs it done mean you need a fluff roller on hand before you leave the house. 


My second new obsession at the moment is this Primark belt. Obviously it’s a faux Gucci style but at only £3 can you complain? Previously I’ve been wearing a basic belt to keep my jeans up rather than a fashion accessory but now this gets put on every pair of jeans. I never understood the tucking your top in fashion and thought it didn’t suit me… little did I know I just had the wrong bellllttt. Now I’m tucking in tops, jumpers even my coat (ok, that’s a little to far) to show it off. A MAZ ING!


Next up is something that is new to the month and that is Glamour’s new Beautybook. When it was announced that not only Zoella but also Patricia Bright where going to be cover stars I new it was something I needed in my life. I love these more intimate interviews with them and it’s left me feeling so inspired. At the moment I only have the Zoella cover but when I spot the Patricia one I’m going to have to have it, it’s just toooo good not to have both!


Finally, reading. Reading is another new obsession as you probably already know. I’ve started a series of ‘Books I’m Currently Loving’ and it’s encouraging me to read more and I’ve even started my own mini book club at my work where we’re sharing our favourite books with each other which it great and you get to be introduced to authors you may not of necessarily of picked up before.

So that's it my current new obsessions, what are yours?