My HD Brow Experience

I thought this post was well overdue as in December (which now feels like a lifetime ago) my HD ('high definition') brows turned one and now I don't even want to know what I'd look like without them. 


To give you a little background I am blonde, I have been since I was a bubba and as I got older and the blonde got naturally darker I started putting highlights in my hair but my eyebrows have stayed as blonde as they always were and I'm pretty sure my foundation was darker/oranger than my brows at one stage, CRINGE! 

It was my work bestie who secretly booked me in a treatment at the Beauty of Highcliffe (locations in the name) after hearing me moan about my scraggly blonde brows enough times and me not taking any action, basically I was being a wimp and I didn't think their was much saviour for me. 


HD brows are very different from your everyday pluck or wax. The treatment involves, not only tinting and waxing but also threading and styling. Over the year my brows have grown ALOT because of the encouragement of the treatment and now because I get them tinted I see all those straggly baby hairs trying to grow which I never noticed before. Thank goodness for Jaz ~ my super stylist ~ because she makes me leave the salon feeling like a new tamed women! 

Over the year we've gone from a natural blonde tint to a medium brown and I'm totally digging my new Cara Delverne eyebrow vibes. It doesn't look over the top but totally natural because of the dedication and definition put into it. 


On the weeks between treatments I use the High Definition Browtec pencil in 'Foxy' 
a) because I can get it at the salon
b) it matches my brows perfectly.
It's great and also 50p cheaper than Benefit 'precisely my brow'  which I've tried and dismissed and I feel like I must be the only person who doesn't like it. 


Now I can do a Tesco run with no make up on and my forehead doesn't look like it starts above my eyes because nothing was there before - ha! So don't be like me and delay it for ever and wish you hadn't. If you have thin brows, blonde brows or wild brows then HD brows could be just right for you! 

Do you have a monthly pamper treatment you can't go without?