My Hair Care Routine

I'm sure I am no different to anyone with what I put my hair through. On the regular it’s dried, straightened and curled (hopefully not all on the same day) and yet I feel it doesn't look terribly heat damaged. I'm a traitor to hairdressers and never book in my hair trim appointment, which I think you're meant to have every 6-8 weeks. No, instead I call them when I need a little hair therapy, maybe some brightening or dulling and some days I've even contemplated pink.

Instead I take hair care into my own hands and I feel over the past few years there are some definite staples in my hair care routine that I need to share in case you haven't tried them yet. 

So starting at the beginning of the process, the wash
I have the hair type found on bottles as 'for hair that gets greasy to quickly' and I can't say I enjoy it. I have tried many a shampoo, some aided in the quick greasiness which is a definite no no and others just did nothing for me. I am a firm lover of Aussie shampoo and I know it's on the higher end of the shampoo buying spectrum but it works. Often when I'm near the end dregs of the bottle I will hop on my phone and find out who has it on offer and sure enough someone always has, so if I'm nearby I'll pick it up another bottle. 


John Frieda Frizz Ease Original is something I think I've had - not the same bottle obvsss - for around 4 years!! It's bloody amazing and I always notice the difference on the days I forget to use it. Once my mane it towel dried I take a couple of pumps of this in my hands and the rub through my ends which helps defend it from ALLLLL the heat and then the remaining goes all over and tames any fizz that thinks it can pop its head out. I know they do several different types of serum as part of their range but I have never strayed away from the Original and would always recommend that one as the one to get. 

Now with masks I haven't got a firm firm favourite. An obvious choice is the Aussie 3 minute miracle. Another one I always seem to gravitate towards is the Lee Stafford Coco Loco Coconut Balm which smells like a coconut dream and leave my hair feeling alllllll soft and silky. 


Dry shampoo
I feel like I've found my golden nugget in the dry shampoo department. Drum roll pleaseeeee.... COLAB Dry Shampoo! I discovered this thanks to YouTube - thank you YouTube - and I lost my shizzzzzz when I found out my local Superdrug had stopped doing it not long into my discovery. The other weekend I was in Bournemouth and I had to stock up, I can't live my greasy haired life on the edge like that and not knowing when the next bottle is coming in -- slight exaggeration but you get my point, I laveee it! 

And that's it, my hair care staples. What are yours? Let me know below x