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My Getaway Essentials

Lucy MabelComment
My Getaway Essentials

With my Devon getaway break looming and enlisting my nan to look after my now 3, succulents alive ~ because it's been touch and go and some points and I'll need her just to check in on them ~ I thought I'd share my getaway essentials. 

I am a light packer, (Ryan, no laughing at that comment) compared to everyone else I know I pack the least even on holidays and sometimes it's a blessing and others it's a curse! I love handheld luggage instead of paying on that extra fee on a suitcase so it does mean that I need to prepare, prepare, prepare! When we leave for Devon we'll be driving down (We = Ryan and I) but that still doesn't mean I want to stack the car full to the roof of clothes. Other than my shoes ~ which will sit in a foot-well and will only consist of 3 pairs ~ everything will fit into my trusty Cath Kidston foldaway overnight bag! So, lets pack! 


When I'm packing skincare I'm ultra fussy! I can't take everything but I don't want to forget anything and risk letting the Devon sea air get the better of me and dry my skin out! So coming along for the journey is my NEW, Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse, I’m still testing this out but I’m taking it away with me SOOO YANOOO it's already a keeper! In next is my, again new, Ordinary serum to make sure I’m keeping my skin as hydrated as possible and then my trusty Elizabeth Arden visible difference moisturiser.



When I talk accessories I'm not talking necklaces or earrings, I’m talking SCARVES! If you watch my vlogs (If you don't you can watch them here --> ) then you'll know I brought out my scarf collection from there storage the other week and I’m totally excited to start wearing them. I have favourites, but I love them all equally ~ I know I sound scarfs obsessed but I kinda am! These will take up the majority of the space, for me they complete and outfit and allow a pop of colour and style to my plain'ish dress sense. 



I've finished my Summer Reading List, can you believe it! I found time in my evenings to settle in bed earlier and get my book out to wind down instead of scrolling through my phone, and I feel better for it! Next up in Marian Keyes who I have read a couple of books from over the years and absolutely love her way of writing, I getting totally hooked! I wouldn't say they're an easy holiday read but I’ve started it now and I don't want to go away without it! As I'm around half way I think it's best I pack a second, you know... just in case! (I know I said I was a light packer but I’m also a 'what if?' packer! I'm taking this Cecelia Ahern book, 'The Year I Met You' which I picked up from Tesco, which can I say is such a great place to pick up books! I was instantly drawn to the cover ~ who wouldn't be ~ and the blurb is totally my scene!