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My 5 tips to get in the zone!

Lucy Mabel2 Comments
My 5 tips to get in the zone!

So... as well as working I study marketing on monday evenings in Bournemouth. An important piece of work was due recently and I pulled out my laptop expecting the words to type themselves and nothing. Urmmm hello hands to brain, work please!!

I realised I needed to get my head in the zone and focus, so I thought i’d share with you what I do to get to that happy place, where my brain relaxes and the the amount of work I have to do no longer feels like such a never ever mountain, ahhh!


  1. Set your surrounding
    I think this is one of the most important steps for me. I can’t just whip my laptop out anywhere and focus, and I admire those who can. For me it’s setting the perfect surrounding which preferable starts with a table rather than my lap. I prefer a naturally lit room rather than having loads of lights on but either way, i’m still lighting a candle.
  2. Make a list
    Make a list, make two lists...heck even three! I’m such an avid list writer and it helps so much to clear my mind. I might not follow the list or tick everything off, but once you’ve written everything down and evaluate what you’ve got to do the pressure seems to release and you can breath again.
  3. Do your research
    For me this step means surrounding myself with paper printouts and books. I prefer to read my questions first then research anything I may not understand or want to learn more about and then go into writing my answer. I feel that this step can apply to anything and helps my writing flow better as it’s fresh in my mind.
  4. Get in the zone
    So you’ve got your candle going, list by your side and you’ve done your research. It’s time to get in the zone! Getting the perfect music is so important. I find that if I have the charts on i’ll end up singing along but something too mellow and it makes me want to sleep! I normally whack on Spotify and go for a ‘new realeases' playlist that I can concentrate to, and not stop to do an air punch or guitar solo.
  5. Take pride in what you do
    Whether you’re sorting out your bills file or printing out your coursework you should take pride in what you’ve done after all you’ve put so much effort into all the other aspects. So to treat my paperwork I got some new sticky notes, a good looking folder and a fresh note pad! Mmmhmmm fresh stationery!

I hope this helps you to get in the zone! What do you do to get focused? Let me know!