I visited beautiful Murcia in April but it feels so much further away than 3 months. This was during my blogging lull and as I was flicking through my holiday snaps tonight it dawned on my that I can still write about my trip - it's not like it didn't happen!  

I was lucky enough to be experiencing this part of Spain with Ryan and our friends, staying in a private villa and although I knew our days would be spent eating good food, drinking the Spanish vine and lazing by the pool there were places to visit and things to do that I wanted to get done. 

I don't no about you but a week lazing by a pool does NOTHING for me, one day maybe but a week, no no no. It's like I get itchy feet and I just can't cope staying still for a prolonged amount of time.  

Although we discovered amazing bars with cocktails like no other, and restaurants that we never want to leave I wanted to focus on my main highlights, and the places I'd recommend you visit. 

Starting of with the Roman theatre in Cartagena. Now, don't make my mistake and turn up at any time you please, do check their opening/viewing times. I love visiting accent areas with depth and story, it helps me feel cultured and like I've done something with my holiday. The Roman theatre has a LOT (emphasis on lot) of steps and to get that good (free) view from the top and sides you better get climbing. When we visited it was time for private tours only but you can see the whole theatre from the side-lines I suppose you may learn more about the history by taking the tour but who knows cause I didn't do it!

Pick a mountain, find a path and walk! After seeing this suggestion on Trip Advisor and the break taking imaging it was on the list! And that place was, Bateria de Castillitos. This mountain took us overall 3 hours to get up and back down. It does have a clear route up but it did feel very eerie at some points as you where completely alone. At the top we were greeted with and entrance like no other and the we entered an old, abandoned military base. The pictures do not do it justice, the cannons are massive and the views are a-maz-ing! Definitely worth it! 

Finally the Cathedral Church of Saint Mary in Murcia. I, in no way shape or form practice any religion but again I'm drawn to churches due to their stunning architecture and design. I'm always in complete awe of it all. Again this is another one with a time factor, as guess what - even the church shuts for a siesta! I got there 15 minutes after it shut, had lunch just outside in a café and then shopped in Sephora but the time just wasn't ticking by as quickly as I would of liked and we ended up heading back to the villa. This is on the top of my list of places to visit should (and I hope we DOOO!) go back this stunning, STUNNING part of Spain!