M&S Beauty Calendar Review: Days 13 - 25

M&S Beauty Calendar Review: Days 13 - 25

Welcome back to the final instalment of the M&S beauty calendar review. I promise I’ll try and keep this one short but feel free to skip along to the products you've been wanted to buy! 

So lets get into it... 

Day 13: Shay & Blue Blood Oranges Cologne
Smells orangey, who'd have known! Like the scent but maybe more of a room spray more than a perfume for me. (Told you I was going to try and keep this short!)

Day 14: Emma Hardie Moringa Balm
I feel like this calendar should be called the citrus calendar. This cleansing balm smells so citrusy, not too intense but enough to notice it when your slapping it on your face. I'll use it up but I’ll be sticking to my Pixi double cleanser for now. 

Day 15: DDP Ciglione Mascara
Yes, yes, yes! I love this mascara. After finding the Eyeko one in the first has of the calendar I was surprised to find another one, and it is so much better! If you’re a fan of the classic fluffy brush instead of the new plastic wands everywhere - which I always manage to prod in my eye - then this one is for you. As I mentioned on the last review I have sensitive eyes and so far I’ve had no problems with this and will deffoooo repurchase.


Day 16: Percy & Reed Session Hold Spray
Hair spray, a necessity in most girl’s hair care routine somewhere along the line. For me I have straight hair and when I curl it within minutes it goes back straight, so I need something that will hold without looking dry like many previously have. I can confirm this little bad boy works! I've had curls now for almost 12 hours, and I’ve been to the shops VS the wind! 

Day 17: REN Instant Firming Beauty Shot
I always hear good things about REN which is why I got super excited when this fell out of day 17! So far so good, it isn’t scented and hasn’t broken me out. I’ve not tried it over make-up like it suggests you can do as well as applying before your moisturiser as I’m sceptical it won’t ruin my make up but I’ll be brave and do it - I’ll report on twitter.


Day 18: Ameliorate Skin Transforming Body Lotion
So reading the bottle it says to ‘apply twice daily for 4 weeks’ now this isn’t possible with this tester size which is disappointing but I can’t see any instant results but I’ll use it all up and like the REN product I’ll pop my verdict on twitter. 

Day 19: Leighton Denny Nail Polish Glitter
YASSSSS. Got to love another nail polish. This one is a glitter topper instead of a stand-alone nail varnish. I’ve already put it on my toes on top of a red and I’m feeling festive!  

Day 20: Pixi Lift Max Sheen Honey
This is probably something I won’t buy when it’s gone. Personally I’m just not a fan of lip-glosses because I don’t like how sticky they are and a gust of wind can leave you eating your own hair, ha! I’ve applied it on its own and over a lipstick and it’s nice but unfortunately not for me. 

Day 21: Balance Me Rose Face Oil
So this is rose scented, hence the name but it’s not over powering which is nice. I love the packaging on this! It comes with a little roller ball to apply it, which makes it different from everything else. The product itself I’m enjoying, it soaks in really nicely.  

Day 22: Autograph Hydrating Primer
This is ok but skip to day 24 for and even better one! Soz, autograph but the other one is so glowy. 

Day 23: Formula Ultimate Sleep Cream
Now on the front of this bottle is states ‘look like you’ve had 8 hours sleep’ so I was sceptical but I can confirm that when I work up (and currently I have a cold and look rather terrible) my skin just looked firmer and plumper which I was super impressed by! I would totally recommend.

Day 24: PurCorrecting Primer Illuminate & Glow
I can confirm this gives me glow and more glow. So much glow I’ve gone out without foundation on because I don't want too subtle the glow. It does what it says on the tin, what more can I say? 

Day 25: Own Brand Cosmetic Bag
'my favourite things...’ is the quote on this cute make up bag! Its currently Christmas Eve and I’ve opened up number 25 early, bad I know but I couldn’t resist. I’m so glad I did and I’m packing my bag to stay with Ryan’s family and my ski cares going to go straight in here so it’s come in useful already! Love, love, love. 

So that’s it, a 25-product review of the marks and spencer beauty calendar. I think it’s been good, I’m excited to continue trying all the products, and I really don’t have an excuse for non-glowing skin with all these products. 

If you’ve read this far than thank you and I’d like to wish you all a merry Christmas! See you again soon!