M&S Beauty Calendar Review: Days 1 - 12

M&S Beauty Calendar Review: Days 1 - 12

Did you manage to get your hands on this years Marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar? It's ok if you didn't because I’m here for you (horrayyy I here you shout)! I'm going to do a short and brief overview of each product, but so this isn't to long I’m splitting it out, so here will be products discovered in days 1 to 12 and the after xmas will come the rest. 

I feel from sample size product you should be able to tell whether you'd by it again and what the product does for you! So ready? Here goes! 

Day 1: Rosie for Autograph amazing radiance body glow
Day 1 and a body glow! What could be better, ey?! First impression, this smell is gorgeous, fruity and florally. I think to get an intense glow from it you need to put a fair bit on and if you've got pale skin like me it will be obvious! I recently lathered on the fake tan - its party season after all - and now it blends in much much better. 

Day 2: Filorga Meso-mask
Day 2 and a smoothing radiance mask! Is this calendar bespoke to me because I feel like these all the products I need right now! My only frustration with this tester is there are NOOO instructions?! So I understand it’s a mask, but normally you're told how much to apply and how long to leave it on for, but on this bottle there is absolutely nothing. I googled it and encase you're wondering you're meant to use a generous amount and leave on for 15-30 minutes. I'll keep trying this over the next couple of weeks but so far so good. 

Day 3: Gatineau Advanced rejuvenating cream
Whoa, who would have knew I now own a cream that helps with wrinkles, firmness and radiance, am I at that stage already! Ha-ha. Now I won't be using this cream again, not to say its not good. It has a scent that reminds me of my Nan ~ not in a bad way ~ but I’d still rather not. The reason I won't be using this again is spots! I had good skin when I went to bed, applied the cream and wham the next day I had things brewing on my face. It might be great cream but unfortunately it doesn't suit my skin. 

Day 4: Nuxe Prodigieux Shower Oil
Keeping this one short for ya! This is my first ever shower oil, it was lux on the skin but I don't feel like my skin was left with 'a satin finish' as the bottle describes. 


Day 5: Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel
When I put this on my hands I did expect - because of the name - for it to come out red! I've now used this product twice, first time I was a little bit 'meh' but second time round I’ve applied it after using the Meso-mask from day 2 and my skin felt as smooth as a babies bottom! I don't know which product it was or if it was the combination but I’ll be using up both of these together.

Day 6: Stila Stay All Day in Perla
Now, when I opened day 6 it was this little package was wrapped in green tissue paper and I’m not going to lye, I thought they'd given me a tampon, I'm glad I was wrong, ha! I wore this to work that day and in latest well. I have an Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick to compare it too and I have to say I prefer the comfort of this one, as it doesn't dry your lips. Defiantly  something I'll be looking into seeing what other colours they have. 

Day 7: Korres Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial
This Korres product is something I won't be purchasing a full size bottle of. It is scented like the name suggests and as much as I am a lover of perfumes and diffusers I do not like scents on my face. Also this broke me out which I kind of new it would. 

Day 8: Eyeko Black Magic Mascara
Another make-up item which is exciting as I feel like we've had a lot of skincare so far. I have super sensitive eyes so I was nervous about trying something new. The mascara as a bendy brush and is quite difficult to get in and out of the bottle. It is also a very wet formula, maybe it'll be one of those that gets better once it’s dried out a little. 


Day 9: Nails Inc Nail Polish
Nails Inc nail polishes are my favourite! If I ever see them in a magazine I buy it just for the goodie! As its Christmas they've popped in a gold glitter one, which I love. As a nail bitter (I'm trying to kick the habit) having pretty nails helps stop me do this so this is perfect. 

Day 10: Formula Innovate Radiance Peel
Trying to keep this one short. I have a Body Shop liquid peel, which I use regularly and prefer. I didn't see any big difference so I’ll use the bottle up but I will be staying loyal to my Body Shop one. 

Day 11: Ultrasun Ultralip | Look good feel better Sculpting Sponge
Me and a colleague at work have both been talking about the beauty calendar every day to hear each others thoughts and on this day we discovered we had different things! I should have opened a lip balm but instead I got a sculpting sponge. I've checked the website and I’ve defiantly got something different but maybe they ran out of the lip balms. Another negative one I’m afraid, the sponge is hard and not easy to blend with (I did wet it like normal), again I'll be staying put with my Real Techniques beauty blender. 


Day 12: Alpha H Liquid Gold Rose
This is a live review as I type, how exciting! This is the first product I’ve had to YouTube. I followed the bottles recommendations, put a small amount on a cotton pad and wiped over my skin and when it started to sting I started to panic! I quickly YouTube’s it to find it was normal due to the acid but I feel they should put that on the bottle. Looking at reviews this is popular for acne prone skin, which I don't have but I'm intrigued to see what it'll do.