Lush Haul: Easter

Lush seem to smash every god damn season out the park! Wether you want a golden egg to a carrot shaped bath bomb they've got it covered! This is more of a collective haul but I did pick up one Easter themed item cause it looked too damn quirky to leave behind and it's the Flopsy Face Wash Jelly! I don't have a bath at the moment but all the other items smelt and looked AAAMAAZING!  

Flopsy Face Wash Jelly

This thing is like a bunny shaped face-mask and I'm not ashamed to say when I got it home I did walk around the house with it balancing on my face, strange?....nahhhh. So with this magical bunny you can get the whole thing out and slap it on your face (not to literally!) and rub the fresh carrot infusion and carrageenan extracts all over your skin. Or like me just get it damp and rub it in your hands and rub the frothy goodness on your face! 

Pink Custard

It makes me sad when items are seasonal like this - the pink custard! I've just gone onto there website to find it was a Mothers Day exclusive...and I bought this for myself! If you can get your hands on this pink pot of wobblyness it's a shower jelly which smells nothing like custard - thankfully! (No judging if you wished it did!) The scent is more fruity, it's says lavender on the packet but I hate the smell of lavender and I really can't smell it so, bonus! Just like the bunny mask you wack the whole thing out in the shower and lather it up!  

Snow Fairy

Something else I just can't find on their website! Did I buy everything that I'm going to love and their going to discontinue! Pleaseeeee, no! Now this item baffles me, it's playdoh which I can wash with or use as shampoo! So many explication marks on this one but I'm blown away. I've not used this yet but I might just go whole hog and use it as both shampoo and body wash, least I'll smell the same head to toe! 

What are your favourite lush products?!