Lunch at The Jetty

Do you have that restaurant which you only go to special occasions and it never fails to disappoint? Well I do and it’s The Jetty. Ryan and I were so excited when we received a gift card from his mum for lunch there, but it has taken absolute YONKS for us to book it due to work loads and birthdays - it’s surprising how quickly a weekend can be snapped away from you! 

So this weekend we got the chance to indulge ourselves in the allllll the food! I’d booked our table for lunch at 12:30 which meant I had a minuscule breakfast ~ because I wanted to prepare myself to eat the best lunch I’d had in weeks, and ensure there was room for a starter and main *drool*. 

If your looking for a mainly fish based restaurant, (but still does a classic dish for those non-fish eaters) which is mainly built from glass and based on a waters edge, well let me tell you friends, this is the place you’ve all be looking for! 

Let’s start talking about the food shall we. For starters there’s only one thing I can recommend and that’s the cheese soufflé. Oh my goodness, this is the cheesy stuff of dreams!!!! I can’t cope. Don’t let someone else order this, you will be envious and you are missing out! I have ordered this every time, not to say I’m not adventurous but hey, I know what I like ok? I let others order different starters and offer a try swap, sure enough I know I’ve ordered the best thing on the table and just watch everyone else’s face drop as they realise they haven’t got a full plate of what I’m enjoying. Soz Hun, ya should have listened! 


Like I mentioned this is a fish based restaurant, and myself being a lover of fish dishes I naturally ordered the beef. LOL! (Does anyone use lol anymore, please tell me I’m not the only one). I’d had a Sunday roast from here a while ago and the beef is just cooked to such perfection I knew I had to have something similar so beef fillet it was and once finished the food comer had started! It’s safe to say I was in this food comer for at least 4 hours, I gave into my jeans and hopped into my pjs the minute I got home only to get back into them 4 hours later to walk off the remainder of the food. I love every minute and I’d do it all again next weekend if I could but then the next gift voucher might be one for the gym! 

So, if your in Christchurch area and looking for a pucker restaurant where none of the food will disappoint The Jetty has to be your choice. Maybe I’ll see you there and we’ll eat our cheese soufflés in glory! 

I love finding great places to eat so make sure to leave a comment of where your go to place is below! x