Life update: We bought our first home!

Life update: We bought our first home!

Wow. Woah. Where do I start! Officially, as of yesterday (Thursday 15th November) Ryan and I became home owners!!! Can you tell I’m more than a little bit excited?

The journey from start to finish has been a slight rollercoaster, if you read the monthly highlights then you’ll know I started talking about home buying maybe back in June and it’s been up and down ever since, and it has slowly taken over my life.

On Thursday morning the phones were ringing, and emails were coming through from both our solicitor and estate agent to let us know the keys are ours and to go get them! Being towards the end of the year neither of us had any holiday left to take with work so we had to patiently wait until lunch time to bolt out of our places of work and race to the estate agents. Even when we were given the keys it was still surreal, as if I was expecting them to come with us or say they needed them back.

For me, the magical moment was opening our front door for the first time and stepping into our flat for the first time. As we were on a time restraint and had absolutely no furniture with us all we could do was sit in the floor of our new lounge and take it all in and before we knew it our time was up, and we had to head back to work. Safe to say when 5 o’clock came around we both knew where we were meeting, not at mine, not at his, but at ours.

It still seems weird having an extra key on my key ring and we’re planning so much already and getting quotes in left right and centre. The goal is to be in for Christmas and trust me, I’ll be in for Christmas whether the paint is still dripping from the ceiling or not, ha-ha!

I’m so excited for this next journey in our lives and to capture it all our new memories together. I have a feeling the blog will be evolving along with us so be prepared for some home posts and some room before and afters! If you have any tips or tricks then please share them below, we need all the advice! xx