Let's Talk Skincare!

Let's Talk Skincare!

For me, my skin care is the most important step in my day or night time regime. It can make such a difference to how bright my skin looks to how well my makeup sits on my face. Recently I treated myself to some new skin care bits that I believe truly gives me that added extra! 

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference

This cream was bought for me as a birthday treat. I've always been very loyal to Clarins so was sceptical at the thought of trying something new. BUTT I'm so glad I did, (Sozzzzz hydra-quench)! This stuff just gives me the perfect amount of moister, my skin just feels plump and fresh - I don't no how to describe it, it's like I'm left with perfect skin which is obviously ammmaaa-zing! 

No7 Early Defence Eye Cream

So this was a treat to me, from me when I turned 23 in June as I thought it was time to invest. I've been using this now for a good month and I didn't realise what a difference this would make! This one is specifally for reducing puffiness and bags which I get SO so bad. Now, when I forget to pop it on before bed I wake up and it's like seeing an old friend who I can't wait to get rid of! As this is my first I'm sure I'll try out lots of others but so far I'm pretty impressed!  

The Body Shop - Drops of Youth Youth Liquid Peel

At least once a week I'll treat my face to a good'ol pamper session which normally includes a good scrub and facemask. When I went into The Body Shop recently to buy a new face exfoliator I came out with this and honestly it's a game changer. This exfoliator is like nothing I've used before - normally I like something that I can feel working and getting into any pores where as this is an exfoliating gel. You put it on your face and rub it in so the gel works up into lumps - it's strange and I'm so confused at how it works but it does and it's so much better for my skin! 

So there you have it - my top skin care products, do you have anything you swear by? I love trying something new so leave it in the comments below!