Learning To Disconnect

Learning To Disconnect

It seems a weird concept ‘disconnect’ but considering the majority of us probably have a desk job requiring you to stare at a screen all day and then there’s the commute to work where if you’re using public transport your mobile comes in rather handy to keep you entertained not to mentioned nightly TV watching, I mean I can’t bear to miss an episode of EastEnders, how would I keep up with The Square’s antics?!


So, taking that all in mind we are connected to the digital world A LOT. For me I love it, I love Instagram, I love watching YouTube and I love Tweeting at insane hours of the evening when technically to have a good night sleep I should be eyes shut and dreaming of fluffy kittens. 

Currently I’m studying for my Diploma in Digital Marketing, so you’d hope that I was pretty passionate about digital anyway, but I think that’s where the need to disconnect has come from. Any brain power I have left after finishing work is spent in front of a different computer screen reading and taking notes and weekends are looking pretty similar too… the joys of a deadline. But this weekend I just needed a break, from my studying, from my phone from it all and I think my body was trying to tell me something as after spending most the morning researching ‘Search engine marketing’ and the words starting to blur into one. 


Going on a walk, forest, beach or field as this weekend’s one was is one of my favourite things. Normally I don’t take a bag so all devices (apart from my camera) stay at home and it gives me and my brain that time to rebalance and disconnect, my ears a chance to listen to nature and my eyes time to focus on real life instead of a digital one. 


So now I’m back at my screen typing this and I feel my writing is flowing better and once done its back to the world of coursework but now I remember it’s all going to be worth it. 

What do you do to disconnect?