Lady Grey Tearoom Wendover

Lady Grey Tearoom Wendover

On a wet and cold Saturday last weekend I took the 2 hour drive up to Ayslebury to see my longest bestie. After the norm; cuppa tea and massive catch up, we headed over to the cute town of Wendover where we parked the car and hurryly headed into a courtyard where we found Lady Grey tearooms. Alice (the bestie) found this place through the power of Google and I believe it was voted the number one venue in Wendover through TripAdvisor, so a pretty good find! 


When we turned into the courtyard we both did the same thing, got our phones out. It was so so pretty even on the dreary day we where having. The tearoom it self was cute and itimate, you couldn’t fit more than 20 people in there (tip: we phoned prior and reserved a table). The interior was just as photogenic as the exterior, vintage mirrors, country esc tables and beautiful chandlers. The size of the tearoom meant there was no need for background music ~ which normally distracts me ~ but instead the buzz of other people’s conversations. 


Alice and I knew what we wanted - scones, jams and a heck load of cream...obviously - but then we saw the menu and discovered we could have that, sanwhices and cake for only a fraction more it was a no brainer, plus I’d already eyed up someone else's salmon and cream cheese sandwiches on the way in!  


The staff, presentation and general feel for the place just made us both feel so comfortable, I didn’t realise how long we’d been in there until I realised over an hour had passed us. The scones and sandwiches had filled us up rather more than expected but you don’t have to miss out on the cake, ooooh no, they box them up to-go for you!  


I love finding cute little places like this & can’t wait to visit again when the sun is shining. I'd deffooo recommend if you're visiting Wendover, or like me visiting nearby, it's worth sitting in the car for that extra time. Where are your go-to places for a spot of lunch?