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Keeping it balanced - online studying, work and a social life

Lucy MabelComment
Keeping it balanced - online studying, work and a social life

You may or may not know that I as well as the weekly 9 - 5 grind, a social life and blogging I’ve, for the past 2 years been studying Marketing to push myself and nab that dream career. It’s caused a lot of questions with friends with ‘how do you keep on top of it all?’ and ‘but on Instagram you’re always out’ that’s where I divulge that the key is, planning, planning and even more planning. Sounds fun right? So, if you’re like me and want to have 0% free time but stay on top of it all then keep reading to find out how to keep it all balanced.

Utilise your time

From the moment we wake up we’re on our phones, and as much as I try to keep away from it it’s inevitable that whilst brushing my teeth I’ll be flicking through instastories catching up with everyone's evenings from the night before and although this isn’t the best use of my time I do think it frees up my lunch hour at work from endless scrolling.

Instead of spending my lunches in the shops 5 times a week I dedicate 2 - 3 lunch hours to my coursework whether that be refreshing myself on my notes or tweaking an assignment.

The same goes for traveling. I have spent more times on train recently than you can shake a stick at but home to London and back gives me 4 hours and I’d rather keep my phone battery for googling lunch spots. This is the kind of time I love, it’s a dedicated time slot to get as much done as possible and boss it!

Give yourself a break

I often find I can run myself into the ground, get a cold and need a few solid days in bed if I don’t give myself a break. Where’s the fun if you literally can’t find time to say, ‘actually tonight I’m going to do a facemask, light a candle and read a book’. It’s all about balance, especially on the weekend which are my 2 off days but also my only days to fully dedicate to coursework but hey it’s ok to work solid for the whole of Saturday, then go out with the girls and completely right off Sunday.

My tip is to make plans. If you know next weekend, you’re going shopping, or have a date night then you know you have to focus this weekend, or your work will suffer. I find if I don’t have future plans, I work a lot slower as the motivation isn’t there, but it also means then the following weekend I’m not readily available for a spontaneous coffee catch up.

Remember the goal

If you lack motivation, like I did last month as I managed to complete the whole box set of Gavin and Stacey (don’t tell my tutor) then you need to remember the goal and the reason you started doing what you're doing in the first place. Sure, we can all have off days but it’s important they don’t carry onto the next, and then the next. I find this is where I lose myself in a Pinterest wormhole reading motivation quotes which switch my mood up ready to kick butt (figuratively) and try my absolute hardest right till the very end.

So, if you’re looking at furthering your education, starting a blog or add on any kind of side hustle into your life then please note it’s possible to do whilst keeping a social life and holding down your job but planning is key!