Jelly & Gelato Review

Jelly & Gelato Review

Now, I am a suckkaaaa for anything Zoella brings out. From her beauty range to lifestyle, anything she puts her name to never disappoints, which was why when the new Jelly & Gelato range came out I knew I had to get my hands on it. I was slightly sceptical as to whether I was going to like this range, as I'm not a massive fan on super sweet scents  - but I'm happy to announce it's not as sweet as the name might suggest, its sweet but subtle. I picked three items on the Superdrug website as it was on 3-for-2 ~ BONUSSS! I bought the Shower Shake, Cream Scrub and the Body Pudding, mainly because I'm more of a shower kinnddaaaa girl. 

First up in the shower was the Cream Scrub and byyyyy george is this creamy! (That is a saying right?! Just a bit of a weird one). For an exfoliator it's very gentle on the skin but definitely leaves you with a polished feel. I wouldn't say that this would get rid of my fake tan nonetheless it's has left my skin with a super soft feeling.

Next was the Shower Shake and can we first take a moment to appreciate this packaging because Zoella and the team have really gone the extra mile with the straw and cherries and although I would've been happy without it adds just a little luxury to the product. So getting down too it - the Shower Shake is a  mosterising body wash and I would say it's definitely thicker than a normal bog-standard body wash so you can feel that moisturising goodness. Can confirm that I have now left the shower with what feels like brand-new skin which I think is a combination of the scrub and the body wash! 

Now when you open the lid of the Body Pudding you're greeted with a lovely surprise. This body cream, no, sorry... pudding, has little pink specs in it which you can feel but very quickly dissolve into your skin. 

Honestly I cannot fault these three products, I now feel like my skin is smooth and I smell like a walking pomegranate! What could be better eyyy?